Instruction: To find Recert Classes, use the drop down and text boxes to to narrow your search.

  • To search all counties, do not change the County drop down list.
  • To search by categories, select a category from the Category drop down list.
  • To search by dates, use the calendar below the category drop down list by clicking on a date. Your first date selection will be your start date and your second selection will be your end date.  Each date will load into the labeled boxes below the calendar. 
    If the dates are left blank, by default the search date will begin today and the
    end date as two (2) years from today.
To find Private Recertification classes use the following link from OSU:
Private Recertification Information


Enter your search dates,eg; 07/01/ to 08/30/ or use the calendar by each entry box.
Starting Search Date Ending Search Date Press Search or Reset

Results will display below.